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Pet Advice

Our pre-operative advice for your pets

Revisits & Pets on Prescription

Pets on Prescription only Medications (POMs) will require regular check up revisit appointments to monitor the progress of the pet's treatment. In the most simple cases this may just be a once a year check up and in other cases it may require more regular checks and possibly blood tests etc.

Please accept that we have to do these checks and to continue to just dispense the drugs and not monitor for signs of overdosing, drug reactions, poor control etc. It would not only be negligent on our behalf but also break legislative safeguards. In any such cases we will insist that you bring your pet in to see the vet on a regular basis as discussed between the vet and yourself at the time of examination. As with all revisits an appropriate fee will be charged depending on the complexity of the condition.

On a more basic level the flea and worm control products that are available to us now are so much more effective and safe than some of those previously available or still available over the counter at various stores. We have chosen to stock only the newer products, the only downside being that many require that we have examined your pet in the previous 12 months. In such cases we will happily do a free check with no fee involved just to weigh and assess your animal’s suitability for such products.

Please bear with us on this and accept these free checks as other ailments may also be spotted at the time and can only be beneficial for your pet's well being.