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Veterinary Fees

Learn more about our prices at South Lincs Vet Group

We offer a full range of treatment options at affordable prices. We have a a price list in reception of our services and routine procedures, please ask a member of our team if you require a price. Our quotes and estimate fees will always include VAT at 20%. We offer estimates for any procedure but please be aware that it can be difficult to provide an accurate estimate for investigations and hospitalised patients until we know what treatment they will require. We will give you an inital estimate on admit and update you with estimated further costs.

Non standard operations are only estimated for by the veterinary surgeon and only after an examination of the animal concerned.

Please note: Procedures completed out of hours will attract a surcharge % when compared to the usual daytime prices.

High Volume Discount/Rescue Discounts
We can provide discount for customers who do things in larger amounts/numbers.  Any fee item done in high amounts can be included and these vary from customer to customer to suit their needs. Registered charities can have a higher discount still but the amount depends on what procedures and products it relates to.  Please enquire for more details.

Payment and Payment Plans
Payment is expected at the time. For all non-routine surgery and procedures, we require 50% of the estimated costs on admit and the balance on discharge. For various legal reasons, we are no longer able to offer payment plans. 

Quotes and Estimates
For neutering and certain other fixed cost operations we can quote an all in fixed price which will not alter no matter what we encounter. Other operations are done on an estimated basis and by this we mean we will give you an estimate on our best guess if all goes to plan. However, every operation on every animal is different and thus this will change a little from case to case. If we discover something that we were not expecting before the operation that will increase the price over the quotation by more than 10% then we will always stop and ring you before we proceed further. For this and many other reasons please make sure your contact numbers are correct.

Post Operation Complications
In some rare cases where there are post-operation wound issues such as infection or swelling etc. these are not covered by estimates or quotes. In these cases we will not charge any further fees for our time but please be aware that we do charge for any necessary medications, dressings involved in resolving the problems or where vets are called back to the practice ‘out of hours’.

Except for charities, kennels and some other high volume clients, we do not run an accounts based system and as such it will be expected that you pay for all fees at the time of each consultation or on collecting your pet after an operation. Should this not be possible please discuss this with the staff before you incur the costs so as some compromise may be reached as to a method of payment. We accept cash and all credit/charge cards or cheques with accompanying guarantee card.