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Facilities and Equipment

Learn more about what we can offer here at South Lincs Vets


We have an extensive kennelled area specifically for dogs where your pet can be cared for in comfort.
We also have a separate room for isolating any coughing dogs or for sick cases of potentially contagious diseases such as parvovirus.

Unlike many practices not only do we have a separate area in the waiting room for cats, but we have a whole sound dampened room for the cats separate from our dog ward. This allows the cats to recover from their surgery or illness without dogs barking and generally upsetting them.
The separate isolation area also allows us to care for potential flu cases without the risk of spreading to other cats whilst in our care.
We use a specific pheromone in the cattery to help create a calming atmosphere during your pets stay.

Dedicated vivarium reptile housing including thermostatically heated enclosures and the provision of ultraviolet lighting allows us to hospitalise sick reptiles should their treatment require this more specialised care.
Many ill reptiles lose the capacity to thermoregulate by moving into and out of heated areas so careful heating methods and good control are essential to aid in recovery.

Small Mammals
Whilst these do not have any dedicated housing area, our warm comfortable rooms will aid in your pet’s recovery.

  • Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Surgery
  • Therapeutic Laser Treatment
  • Blood Analysers
  • Blood Clotting
  • Urine Analyser
  • Endoscopes
  • CT Scanner
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray Facilities

Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Surgery

In certain circumstances this ‘keyhole’ surgical technique can provide a number of advantages over conventional surgery such as:

  • Less trauma
  • Less pain
  • Much faster recovery for the patient
  • Fewer stitches

Where its use is appropriate, the keyhole technique usually involves three small incisions (cuts) rather than the single large incision associated with conventional surgery.
Whilst we can use this type of surgery on a number of different abdominal surgical procedures, by far the most commonly performed laparoscopic surgery is the neutering of female dogs.

Laparoscopic Spaying of Pets
We are very pleased to be able to offer ’keyhole’ neutering surgery at our Sutterton Hospital site. Most pets do not need to stay in overnight and are reunited with their owners later the same day.
During the procedure, we remove both ovaries. This will mean that your pet will no longer have seasons, cannot become pregnant and it will reduce the risk of other diseases such as uterine infections and mammary cancer.

Please contact the surgery for more information.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

Laser therapy helps to improve healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.
Laser therapy can help with:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint Pain Tendinopathies
  • Oedema and Congestion Post-Surgical Pain
  • Neck and Back Pain Burns
  • Rehabilitation Ligament Sprains
  • Muscle Strains
  • Puncture Wounds
  • Post-Traumatic Injury
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Chronic Wounds

There is no patient sedation and the experience is usually pleasant and comforting to them. Although improvement is often seen after the first visit, most patients require several treatments for greatest benefit.

The laser is kept at our Hospital at Sutterton and we do not yet do laser therapy at the branches.

  • Surgery Site Treatment: Course of 3 sessions which would be one done on recovery from the surgery, one at the 3 day check and 1 treatment at the suture removal. £15 post surgery laser, with additional £25 per session if required.
  • All laser sessions: Course of 6 sessions for £125.

Please contact the surgery for more information.

Blood Analysers

In house haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte analysers, for rapid blood test results.

Blood Clotting

In-house blood clotting analyser so we can be sure that your pet's blood clots normally before doing any surgery.

Urine Analyser

Urine analysis machine which will look at both the cells and debris in a urine sample.


3 different size endoscopes allowing us to:

  • Look down the airways of dogs and check the main parts of the airways for foreign bodies, illness and tumours.
  • Look inside the dog’s stomach.
  • Look down small animal’s airways and into nasal passages.
  • We also have a rigid endoscope which is used in laparoscopy and other procedures.

CT Scanner

Our state-of-the-art CT Scanner allows us wonderful diagnostics that are far superior to the traditional X-ray resolution. Read more here.


Colour doppler ultrasound which allows us to investigate all sorts of things from pregnancy (including the number of embryos), internal masses to heart scans.

X-ray Facilities

Digital x-ray machine, for excellent accurate imagery to aid diagnosis.