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Justina Liepaite

Animal Nursing Assistant

Justina Liepaite
Justina Liepaite Animal Nursing Assistant

I've felt a love for animals from a young age, having grown up being surrounded by dogs, cats and small furries.

My dream to become a veterinary nurse began when I was in school. I started my veterinary studies in Lithuania in 2011, training to be a veterinary care assistant.

When I was in my second year at college, I was offered a job in my first veterinary clinic. After completing my course in 2014, I spent a few years travelling.

In 2018 I was really pleased to join South Lincs Vet Group. During my time here, I have gained so much knowledge and experience working with so many talented and professional colleagues.

In September this year I will be joining the College of Animal Welfare to complete my Veterinary Nurse training. I am looking forward to starting this course because this will be my final journey to finally becoming a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

I love my job and particularly enjoy being in theatre monitoring anaesthesia and assisting vets with surgery.

My little Patterdale terrier keeps me busy in my spare time at home.