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Lisa Ventour

Insurance, Telephonist & Administrator

Lisa Ventour
Lisa Ventour DVM/RVN Insurance, Telephonist & Administrator

I graduated from University of Tuskegee – School of Medicine (USA) in 1989 as a veterinarian (DVM). Upon returning to the UK in 2000 I was given honorary veterinary nurse status (RVN), which I currently hold active with the RCVS. 

Now semi-retired, I joined SLVG primarily as a telephonist in November 2021. I do however, fill a few roles at the Sutterton Veterinary Hospital, using my 30-plus years of experience to assist the departments that may need me – reception; dispensary; vet nursing (mainly wound cases involving laser therapy); and indirect insurance submissions. 

We have 2 ornery felines at home that adopted us and never show an ounce of gratitude!