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Katy Hopkinson

Surgical Instrument Preparation

Katy Hopkinson
Katy Hopkinson BTEC in Animal Care & Animal Management Surgical Instrument Preparation

Growing up I have been surrounded by a variety of animals such as cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and hamsters.

I have always loved wildlife and ever since I was a child I have taken on birds for rehabilitation to then hopefully release back into the wild. I have also helped an injured hedgehog that I found in my garden which had wire around its body. We removed the wire at Sutterton Veterinary Hospital then rehabilitated the hedgehog at home until fit and healthy, I then released him back into the garden where he thrived.

I studied at Riseholme College for 3 years where I achieved a BTEC in Animal Care and Animal Management. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to pursue my dream of working with animals so I went into human care. I worked for 10 years with the elderly with dementia and residential care.

An opportunity came up for maternity cover at a veterinary practice which is how I managed to get back into animal care. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there so knew I definitely wanted to continue in veterinary nursing.
In January 2018 I joined South Lincs Vet Group, I work at Sutterton Veterinary Hospital and I am enjoying getting more experience of seeing a wide range of procedures. I will hopefully start my veterinary care assistant course in 2019.